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Dr. George Shillinger

Dr. George Shillinger

Scientific Director

Dr. George Shillinger is the Executive Director of the Leatherback Trust, and former director of Tag-A-Giant Fund. He served as Director of the Marine Spatial Planning Initiative at the Center of Ocean Solutions and collaborated with Stanford University, the Monterrey Bay Aquarium and the Investigation Institute at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. George has a PHD in Marine Biology from Stanford University, an MBA from Yale University of Management, a Masters Degree in Evolutionary Ecology and Biology from Stanford University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Foundations of Behavior from the University of Pennsylvania.

George has worked in conservation since 1986. He served as Executive Director of California Trout and has worked for the World Wide Fund for Nature, The Nature Conservancy, RARE and Conservation International. Likewise, he has carried out research on the application of new and different satellite tagging techniques to understand the behavior and movement of pelagic species. During the last decade, George has deployed satellite tags in various species of pelagic predators including Pacific leatherback turtles (Playa Grande, Costa Rica), Pacific blue and yellowfin tuna (Greymouth, New Zealand and Baja California, Mexico), Atlantic bluefin tuna (North Carolina and Canada), billfish (Panama, Costa Rica and Hawaii), and Galapagos Sharks (Galapagos Islands).


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