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Expedition to promote the sustainability of the marine resources in the Costa Rica Thermic Dome

Expedition to promote the sustainability of the marine resources in the Costa Rica Thermic Dome

By Alejandra Pacheco, Co-Investment Director of MarViva Foundation

The marine ecosystems in the high seas are linked to those in the coastal areas. The Costa Rica Thermic Dome Expedition team will document this connectivity, highlighting the need to address marine conservation and management models in areas beyond national jurisdiction, in complement of the efforts conducted along the shorelines.

We are focusing on the leatherback sea turtle, largest on the planet, which travels from the coasts off the Pacific at Playa Grande in Costa Rica, through the Dome region, during its migration route to South America. Its hatchlings also use the site, being transported there by water currents upon their first immersion in the ocean.

Day 1:

Critically endangered, leatherbacks are priceless within the marine ecosystem. Egg harvesting and fisheries by-catch drastically affected the sea turtle’s population during the past two decades. We visited with The Leatherback Trust’s team at Baulas National Park in Guanacaste, to learn about their work with the local authorities, in support of the conservation of this species.

TLT’s researchers and volunteers protect the turtles’ nests from potential disturbances on the beach. We were excited to witness a controlled excavation, aimed to safeguard the eggs and the newborn hatchlings while they are heading towards the water.

We hope you enjoy these preview photos!

LeatherBackHatchling©KipEvansMB Nathan LST©KipEvansMBMarViva SunsetPlayGrande©KipEvansMBMarViva




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