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Finding Leatherback Tourtle

Finding Leatherback Tourtle

by Shirley Malespín, Communications Manager of MarViva

This Weekend Dr. Sylvia Earl, Dr. Erick Ross, Dr. George Schillinger and Kip Evans visited a nesting  of Leatherback Tourtle in the Leatherback Trust hatchery.

In this área the eggs are protected of predators. The biologist check the temperature of the nest, wich determines the sex of the turtles.
When the turtles are ready to be born, are released and begin the migration to ocean and to the Costa Rica Thermic Dome.

Sunday Morning Dr. Earl, Kip Evans and Dr. Ross made a flight  over to Playa Grande to find traces of turtles on the beach.

We were visited by the reporter Michelle Soto and her staff from La Nación News Paper. They are interested in knowing the migration rute of the Leatherback Tourtle and its relationship with Costa Rica Thermic Dome.




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