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Two thumbs up

Two thumbs up

This week, Armando Ubeda, Mesoamerican Program Manager with LightHawk traveled to Costa Rica to attend a press conference. Held at the offices of MarViva in San Jose, the event was part of an initiative to promote the conservation and governability of the Costa Rica Thermic Dome Dome. The full house was packed with local media, local and regional non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and several government representatives.

Notably, the Minister of the Environment, Dr. Rene Castro pledged that the government of Costa Rica is in favor of protecting the Costa Rica Thermic Dome. Dr. Sylvia Earle from Mission Blue announced that the Dome had been declared a Hope Spot.

LightHawk is proud to be part of this initiative led by MarViva by contributing flights to the expedition. It is our hope that more organizations and the governments of other regional nations join the effort to protect the Dome, a special place that is critical to the health of the oceans and the coastal communities of the region.

“Two thumbs up to MarViva and our partners for this initiative, their efforts and tireless work to protect the Costa Rica Thermic Dome,” said Armando Ubeda.


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