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Dr. Erick Ross Salazar

Dr. Erick Ross Salazar

Marine Biologist, MarViva Foundation

Erick has a doctorate degree in Marine Ecology and Management of Living Resource from University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; his doctorate investigation analyzed the existence of a spillover effect of fish species of ecological and commercial importance from the Ballena Marine National Park towards surrounding areas. He has a degree in Biology with Emphasis on Marine and Freshwater resources and a Bachelor’s degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology from the National University of Costa Rica.

He possesses knowledge on coastal zone management, fisheries, marine ecology and conservation, and has focused his studies on management of marine resources, especially fishing resources. His publications include: Marine spatial planning, Cabo Matapalo-Punta Burica pilot project (Viales et al., 2015); Guide of concepts and procedures oriented towards responsible fishing (Ross & Alfaro, 2014); Arts, methods and fishing gears (Ross, 2014); Fish of commercial importance in Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama (Ross et al., 2014); Diagnosis of marine protected areas and responsible fishing marine areas in the Costa Rican Pacific (Salas et al., 2012); Bottom trawl fisheries in Costa Rica (Álvarez & Ross, 2010); and Growth rings in vertebrae to estimate age in the Mustelus mustelus y Mustelus asterias sharks (Ross, 2008).

He has worked for MarViva Foundation since 2008. Previously he was a collaborator at Center for Biodiversity Investigation and Environmental Management at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canary.


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