Expedition Phases

First Phase Description

In the beginning of 2014, MarViva Foundation and Mission Blue embarked on the first phase of an expedition to the Costa Rica Thermal Dome and its areas of influence. The resulting short documentary exhibits the great ecological and economic importance of this area and presents the emblematic leatherback turtle, its habitat, migration and existing connectivity between the coast and the high seas during the life cycle of this species in peril of extinction.

photo[2]Dr. George Shillinger (Leatherback Trust), Kip Evans (Mission Blue), Dr. Erick Ross (MarViva). Photograph by MarViva.
photo[3]Dra. Sylvia Earle and Dr. Erick Ross (MarViva). Photograph by MarViva
photo[1]Dr. Erick Ross (MarViva), Dr. George Shillinger (Leatherback Trust), Dra. Sylvia Earle, Dr. James Spotila (Leatherback Trust). Photograph by MarViva


photoDra. Sylvia Earle & Armando Ubeda (LightHawk). Photograph by MarViva
MarViva (2)Dra. Sylvia Earle & Dr. Jorge Jiménez (MarViva). Photograph by MarViva


The first phase of the expedition was supported by:



Second Phase Proposal

The objective of a second phase of the expedition is to increase understanding and awareness about ecological and socioeconomic importance of the Costa Rica Thermal Dome through production and broadcasting of a second documentary. The resulting material will evidence ecological and oceanographic bonds between high seas and coastal ecosystems, as well as the compelling need to protect marine environments and species found in areas beyond national jurisdiction.

Accompanied  by world-renowned experts, an expedition to the Thermal Dome will explore and document the Dome’s biological abundance and delve further into blue whale migration processes, another iconic species dependent on the Dome.