A need for information on the Dome

Like space exploration that challenges humankind, ocean investigation has been going on for years. In the case of the Costa Rica Thermal Dome, studies confirm extraordinary phytoplankton abundance and the benefits that these organisms bring to marine food webs, a region identified as a migratory route for species in danger of extinction including the leatherback turtle and the blue whale.

Nevertheless, important gaps exist regarding oceanic and biological information about this highly productive area, as well as the human activities that are carried out within it including activities that take benefit from Dome dependent  marine resources.

Advances have generated interest from key players, but more knowledge and information is needed to enable technically solid decision making as well as conservation, management and marine spatial planning in waters encompassed by the Dome.

The first phase of the Dome Expedition, carried out in January 2014, addressed the information gap. Its goal was to produce an informative video to raise awareness among decision makers and resource users about the ecological importance of the dome, as well as of the ecological connection between coastal environments in the Central American region and the high seas.