Sponsoring Organizations

The following renowned marine conservation organizations have joined the MarViva led Costa Rica Dome Initiative.


MarViva Foundation

MarViva Foundation ( is a nonprofit, non-governmental regional organization whose work area lies in selected Eastern Tropical Pacific regions. In its mission to drive forth conservation MarViva stands out because of its marine focus, its regional reach, solid credibility, emphasis in multi-sectorial and community participation and the gathering of scientific information to support participatory decision making processes.

From its offices in Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama, MarViva enables Marine Spatial Planning processes, defined by UNESCO as a public process to analyze and designate a spatial and temporary distribution of human activities in marine regions, in order to reach economical, ecological and social objectives that have been specified through a political process (UNESCO, 2009). It is also a long term, continual and reiterative process. It requires active participation from multiple sectors in order to guarantee the representation and inclusion of diverse interests in the analysis of uses, conflicts and potential solutions to implement conservation plans and consensual management that will allow the sustainability of habitats and ecosystems.


International Union for Conservation of Nature

The IUCN is a world leader in environmental conservation and sustainable development. Its members include over 200 governments and 900 NGOs, as well as 11,000 scientific volunteers and experts in 160 countries. IUCN focuses on scientific investigation and its field implementation of conservation projects. The Global Marine and Polar Program (GMPP, encompasses the High Seas Program and was founded over 20 years ago. The GMPP works on an international level in alliance with a wide web of decision makers and the private sector, as well as international forums like the World Commission on Protected Areas, the Species Survival Commission, the Marine Conservation Sub-Committee and the World Commission on Environmental Law. A valued partner in the promotion of politics for the Dome initiative with the goal of positively affecting sustainable development, species conservation, ocean governance and international politics.

mission blue

Mission Blue

Mission Blue ( is an NGO of the Sylvia Earle Alliance that includes more than 100 respected marine conservation groups. Mission Blue works towards raising public awareness about relevant marine issues and supports organizations, projects and scientific expeditions that promote the conservation of the oceans. In 2013, Mission Blue designated the Costa Rica Thermal Dome as a Hope Spot, identifying it as a worldwide priority for the conservation of marine resources.

marine conservation institute_mini

Marine Conservation Institute

The Marine Conservation Institute ( is a non-profit NGO dedicated to marine conservation. It works with scientists, politicians, government officials and other organizations worldwide to protect oceanic areas and species. Furthermore, the Institute has ample experience and knowledge of high seas policies, having worked in close collaboration with the Convention on Biological Diversity in the development of guidelines and capacity building materials for the process of identifying Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas.

whale and dolphin conservation_mini

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC, is a leading charitable organization dedicated to the conservation and wellbeing of cetaceans. It promotes campaigns at local and international levels favoring marine protected areas and against whale and dolphin hunting, their captivity, incidental bycatch and other threats generated by human activities at sea, such as collisions with vessels, chemical and acoustic contamination and climate change. WDC supports decision makers, providing them with technical counseling as well as legal, scientific and ethical support. Furthermore, they generate awareness on the ecological and economic importance of cetaceans and contribute with ample expertise in web material, communications, and protection policies of key species like the blue whale.

Logo high seas alliance

High Seas Alliance

The High Seas Alliance is a partnership of organizations and groups aimed at building a strong common voice and constituency for the conservation of high seas. The Alliance is currently made up of 29 NGOs and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The objective of the Alliance is to facilitate international cooperation for establishing high seas protected areas and to strengthen high seas governance. Members of the HSA share and facilitate access to information in order to promote transparency and encourage an informed public discourse related to the mission and goals of the Alliance.

High Seas Alliance members commit to work together towards achieving these goals either as members of a collaborative effort through the Alliance or as individual organizations supported by or affiliated with the Alliance.